Kalimetrix SARL was founded in 2003 in Toulouse (France), by a group of Software Engineering expert consultants.

Theses consultants have participated to the development of the Logiscope products more than 20 years ago. Since 2003,  Kalimetrix provided Telelogic, then IBM with the maintenance of Logiscope.

In 2012, Kalimetrix has acquired Logiscope source code from IBM and released its own version, as IBM Rational announced the end of the marketing of IBM Rational Logiscope 6.6 in September 2012.


Aware of the modernity of cooperation concepts, Kalimetrix founders decided to adopt the SCOP statute when they created the company:

A Scop (Société COoperative de Production) is a cooperative enterprise where the employees hold the majority of the company’s share capital. Employees elect the management team, participate fully in decision-making, manage the company, and share its profits, in accordance with the democratic economic principles of cooperatives.

logo SCOP