Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kalimetrix ?

A group of senior experts based in Toulouse, France,  who initially developed Logiscope and maintained Logiscope for Telelogic then IBM. Kalimetrix has acquired in 2012 the right to use full Logiscope code for its own business.

Does Kalimetrix Logiscope include all features of the last IBM Rational Logiscope Release ?

Yes. The source code licensed to Kalimetrix is the one of the final IBM version (6.6). Kalimetrix has enriched the set of features and fixed some bugs but you will get exactly the same.

Can Kalimetrix provide support for IBM Rational Logiscope ?

Yes. If you don't wish to migrate, there is a possibility to get supported on the IBM version also. We can't recompile the IBM version but we can provide assistance and provide workarounds even on the IBM version. The best choice is possible is to migrate to Kalimetrix Logiscope and get full support and maintenance. The migration is straightforward, as the product is almost identical to IBM Logiscope version 6.

What do I get for support and maintenace ?

Support and maintenance is not mandatory. You can subscribe it within the first year of purchasing the license. After this date, you would have to buy the license again before subscribing. Customers who subscribe to support get access to our support website for assistance and get all fixes and new releases. If you choose PREMIUM support, you have also access to our hotline.

I have many Logiscope extensions ? Will Kalimetrix be able to maintain them ?

Absolutely. Kalimetrix has generally developped those extensions, and no other company can maintain them for you. We are the experts.

Are the licenses perpetual ?

Yes. The licenses are perpetual. However, for secutiry reason the keys are generated every year upon request. This is also a way for Kalimetrix to keep in touch with the actual users.

Does Kalimetrix Logiscope support Linux ?

Absolutely. CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu flavours of Linux are supported, starting Logiscope 7.0. All licenses work on any Windows but require an activator to run on a Linux machine.

How is the product shipped ?

We send you a download link by email.

Is the maintenance subscription renewed automatically ?

No. We send you a renewal quote. If you don't order a new subscription, you will not be charged.

Are there special academic discount ?

Yes, contact us for a personalised quote.

Can we use our FlexLM license server ?

The licenses are floating but need a specific Kalimetrix License Server. The FlexLM for IBM versions cannot be used with the latest Kalimetrix Logiscope versions.







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