Logiscope QualityChecker makes possible to evaluate the “maintainability” factor of a group of source files.
Maintainability is described by the 4 criteria we gave as examples above.

Each criterion is associated with a group of metrics and threshold for those metrics (minimum value and maximum value accepted)

For each component (subroutine, class, file), metrics associated with a criterion are computed. For each criterion, every component comes in a category (Excellent, good, fair, poor) according to the number of metric wich does comply with the previously chosen thresholds.

Lastly, each component is associated with a category (excellent, good, fair or poor) according to the maintainability.

All the component rated as “poor are called « critical component » and will be hard to maintain.


The basic Logiscope QualityChecker model can be adapted to every context. It is possible to:
    •    Change the defaults factors and criteria
    •    Add new factors and criteria
    •    Add new metrics
    •    Change the thresholds associated with metrics


The Logiscope QualityChecker results are available
    •    Interactively with the tool
    •    As HTML reports
    •    As Exel documents
    •    As a Word reports (Windows version only)


Basic Logiscope QualityChecker model can process C, C++, Java and Ada languages.
Kalimetric created plug-ins allowing to process C# and Visual Basic. 
If required, other language can be processed.