Logiscope CodeReducer


CodeReducer search out for code similarity.
It is not only a comparison tool. It is able to find code portions built on the same basis, in which, variables were renamed, commentary added or statements changed.
Thus, it allows finding out copy/paste uses, which can lead, sometimes, to bug’s duplication in an application. It allows finding out files with same contents that can be factorized to simplify applications too.


Logiscope CodeReducer offers the following functions:
•    Looking for similar code portions everywhere in a set of source files
•    Comparing two versions of an application
•    Looking for code that looks like a chosen code
•    Available for C, C++, Ada, Java and Cobol


Examples of use

Fault correction

You are correcting a bug in a code portion. This code may have been duplicated.  You can select it and code reducer will show you all the parts of your application where there is similar code.

Looking for code reuse

You receive from a subcontractor the sources of a new application. CodeReducer is able to show you which parts of source code have significant similarity with previous deliveries of other projects.

Looking for public domain code

You receive from a subcontractor the source code of an application that exists also as free software.  CodeReducer will show you which parts of the source code of the delivery has significant similarity with parts of the source code of the public domain software.

Looking for differences between several variants of an application

An application has been built using adapted source code from another application. To limit the maintenance costs, you want to localize precisely the differences between those two applications. CodeReducer will help you identifying unchanged files and, for changed files, it helps you locating the differences.