Our Story

Logiscope has been developed by Verilog more than 20 years ago. Verilog has been acquired in 2000 by Telelogic, which had been acquired by IBM. Since 2003, a group of experts founded Kalimetrix to provide Telelogic then IBM with the level 3 support of Logiscope product family.

Logiscope source code has been then acquired by Kalimetrix and the Logiscope products can now be developed and marketed by their original deveopers.

A team of senior consultants

Our senior consultants, project managers, senior developers and technical experts have been involved in software product engineering for at least 20 years. They all have participated to the Logiscope product development and have realised numbers of code quality audits or Logiscope customisations.

Normative requirements

Our strong value added services allow you to optimize your cost and delay constraints, while respecting the normative requirements of your activity field:
    •    ISO 9126
    •    IEC 14598
    •    DO 178B
    •    CMMI
    •    IEC 61508
    •    EN 50128
    •    ISO 12207
    •    ISO 12119
    •    GSWS
    •    ECSS
    •    ISO 15939
    •    MISRA
    •    NF-Logiciel
    •    Airbus GPP