Buy Kalimetrix Logiscope

Kalimetrix offers Logiscope for 1190€ for a feature (ONE license allowing a concurrent use of ONE Logiscope product for ONE Language)

The products are : Quality Checker, Rule Checker, Code Reducer, Test Checker.

The languages available are : C, C++, ADA, JAVA

If you wish to run Logiscope on a LINUX system, a Linux activator license is mandatory at 320€ for each concurrent feature.

Special bid can be granted depending the number of token. An IBM Migration bid is available for customers already owning Logiscope license (free licenses).


Buy Kalimetrix Support for Logiscope

You can subscribe support for Logiscope from Kalimetrix.

Support includes new versions of Logicope, bug corrections, question answering, assistance, maintenance of customizations.

Kalimetrix offers a Member Support for 1690€ per year and a Premium Support for 3200€ per year for 8 features.

If you are an IBM Rational Logiscope customer, we can provide maintenance if you migrate to Kalimetrix Logiscope.

We can also support you on the IBM version on Logiscope (support only).

Please read our Support page for the descriptions of the services provided with the support levels.

Support renewal is for 12 months.


Contact : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it