Need support for IBM Rational Logiscope ? Migrate for free !

IBM has withdrawn Logiscope from marketing in September 2012 and it is not possible to buy new licences or to renew support any more.

Benefit from a special bid

Customers migrating from IBM Rational Logiscope to Kalimetrix Logiscope will benefit from an IBM Migration Bid that can convert their IBM Rational licenses without any extra cost.

Get support from Kalimetrix

Kalimetrix has acquired the rights of IBM Rational Logiscope Source Code and delivers a software that includes 100% of the IBM Rational Logiscope functionalities.

The product is the same but continues evolving. Hence, the migration is straightforward. All your settings, rules, scripts and various customizations are guaranteed.

Kalimetrix has chosen a lighter license mechanism. No more Flexlm server to install.

Logiscope is Kalimetrix main focus and expertise

Kalimetrix develops Logiscope, and only Logiscope, so become a customer of a company that will concentrate on your satifsaction for this product.

Kalimetrix maintains Logiscope since 2003 and is composed of the original developers that created Logiscope more thant 20 years ago. Kalimetrix consultants have more than 20 years of experience in software analysis and Logiscope customization. 

Kalimetrix offers support for customers that acquire new Logiscope license, you are free to chose the support level that is best for you.


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