Logiscope supports the following operating systems

  • WINDOWS platforms : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • LINUX Red Hat 5 to 9 (from Logiscope 7.0)
  • LINUX CentOS 5 to 9 (from Logiscope 7.0)
  • LINUX Ubuntu 14 to 20 (from Logiscope 7.0.1)

Logiscope 7.4 content (upcoming version 30th september 2023)

  • [ALL MODULES] [C++] Support of C++ 2017
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Support of MISRA 2012 additionnal rules
  • [ALL MODULES] fixed issues

Logiscope 7.3 content (upcoming version 30th june 2023)

  • [TESTCHECKER] [ADA] Support of ADA 2012
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Support of MISRA 2012 additionnal rules
  • [ALL MODULES] fixed issues

Logiscope 7.2.3 content

  • [ALL MODULES] fixed issues

Logiscope 7.2.2 content

  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Support of MISRA 2012 additionnal rules

Logiscope 7.2.1 content

  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_10_1: .NAME section incorrect (documentation) (case #334)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] CodePres_11_ControlStructure reported for else if (case #264)
  • [QUALITYCHECKER] [C] lc_comm - Number of lines of comments misbahaviour (case #308)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_8_1: Visible prototype not mandatory. a K&R declarations is sufficient (case #327)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_12_7: only the first operand is checked for signedness (case #329)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_12_7: signed char not recognized as signed (case #330)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_13_1: the condition of ?: is not processed as a boolean context (case #331)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_17_5: violations on parameters are issued on the line of the function definition (case #332)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_10_1: detection of constant expressions should be enhanced and extended (case #333)
  • [ALL] [JAVA] Support of Java 1.8
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Support of 4 additional Required rules 

Logiscope 7.2 content

  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Support of MISRA 2012, 3 of the 10 “Mandatory” rules and 45 of the 110 “Required” rules as well as 16 of the 39  “Advisory” rules
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] imptype: false positive with deleted functions (case #376)
  • [QUALITYCHECKER] [C++] Logiscope parser configuration does not support "%START_C_CONFIGURATION = copy C++11(case #375)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] fntype : false positive when constructor/destructor declared with =default/delete (case #374)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] sglreturn false positives in presence of lambdas (case #373)
  • [QUALITYCHECKER] [C++] digraph exception for <:: not implemented (case #370)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_6_3 misbehaviour with typeof in macros (case #337)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_10_2 misbehaviour caused when an instruction expression construction is used : ({<instruction_bloc>}) (case #339)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_10_1 misbehaviour caused when an instruction expression construction is used : ({<instruction_bloc>}) (case #338)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_13_2 misbehaviour : the part of its replacement text after the first occurrence of no expanded macros is destroyed(case #314)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_9_2 False positive on union structures (case #304)
  • [QUALITYCHECKER] [C] error on PARA metric when the function definition follows a declaration(case #303)

Logiscope 7.1 content

  • [ALL MODULES] [C++] Support of C++ 2011
  • [ALL MODULES] [C] Options -include and -imacros for gcc compatibility. These options may be specified on the "create" command line or in the "Macro definitions and include paths" text field of the project settings.
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Microsoft Windows only. Option -largemm to build a very (very) large RuleChecker project with a 64 bits analyzer. This option may be specified on the "create" command line or in the "Macro definitions and include paths" text field of the project settings.
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_16_8_ii, MISRA_5_7, MISRA_Rule55, MISRA_Rule84 are more robust in case of  synatx errors during analysis
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_17_4 runtime performance improved
  • [ECLIPSE PLUGIN] The RELAX annotation inserted by the Eclipse plugin relaxes violations on the next line
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_8_8 now correctly identifies as a unique file a header file included with two different paths
  • [ALL MODULES] Studio now supports more than 15 project in a workspace
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Customized rules based on metrics may now access graph metrics
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MS Windows only. Customized TCL rules may now access the 64 bits registry
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_5_7 now does not issue violations when the same object or type is declared in different scope
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_6_3 now verifies function parameters, casts and typedefs
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_13_4 now correctly checks the condition of a for loop
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_10_3 now correctly  allows casts to a different integer type with the same size
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_8_2 now correctly verifies array and pointer types.
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_9_1 now correctly detects the lack of initialization inside a variable definition
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_17_4 now requires that the object being indexed is of array type(case #267)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_17_5 now correctly verifies the return type and parameter types of functions
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_Rule26 now correctly processes the first first function of a file when the first line is a preprocessing directive
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_10_1 and MISRA_10_3 now processes "-3" (for all integers) as an integer constant (case #266)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Resource_11_InputParameter now verifies all levels of indirections for pointers (case #231)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Incorrect declaration of atan2 in math.h (C99)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_Rule26 now correctly processes declarations spanning several lines (case #236)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_10_3 now allows casts to void type, and MISRA_10_1 now allows a literal 0 to be compatible with pointer types
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_Rule83iii now correctly processes functions returning an array type
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_Rule45 now allows a literal 0 to be casted to pointer type. 
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_Rule16 now allows pointers to float to be casted to pointer to void.
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] CodePres_13_Brace now correctly process initializations.
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_9_2 now allows 0.0 in "zero initialization".
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_9_1 enhances processing of automatic multidimensionnal arrays
  • [ALL MODULES] [C] Line numbers are now correct when a macro argument spans several lines
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_Rule39 now processes correctly unsigned long long
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_5_4 does not verify anymore the initialization of structures
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_8_5 now correctly ignores function like macros
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_8_10 now ignores functions and variables declared in a header file


Logiscope 7.0.1 content

  • [ALL MODULES] Logiscope Studio now supports Ubuntu 

Logiscope 7.0 content

  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] [JAVA] [ADA] Crash during RuleChecker analysis (case #181)
  • [ALL MODULES] Cannot cancel build on MS Windows 7
  • [QUALITYCHECKER] [C] Named parameters in functions prototypes used in casts are no longer included in dc_lvars (case #183)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] MISRA_10_1 fails when not expanding some macros (case #7)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] Issue with MISRA C++ 0-1-3 (case #184)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] Wrong violation reported for MISRA C++ 0-1-4 (case #185)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] Logiscope reports false violations for MISRA C++ 3-1-1 (case #186)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] Logiscope reports false violations MISRA C++ 11-0-1 (case #187)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Wrong violation in C rule CodePres_17_SpacingOperator (case #175)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] C rule MISRA_16_8_i infinite loop (case #188)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Incorrect MISRA_17_4 C rule violation (case #189)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] C rule MISRA_19_15 misses some violations (case #174)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] C rule MISRA_5_7 violation reported when the identifier are declared in header file and used in source file
  • [RULECHECKER] [C] Wrong violation reported for C rule MISRA_Rule17 (case #190)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] Tcl error during verification of MISRA C++ 6-2-2 (case #191)
  • [RULECHECKER] [C++] Wrong violation reported for MISRA C++ 8-3-1 (case #192)
  • [ALL MODULES] Windoc does not report the error, and does not change the selected components list (case #193)