Setting up a quality model


Establishing a quality model in order to unify the programming practices in a company.


The software’s improvement that makes them easier to maintain can rely on a characteristics’ group measure on this software (subroutine line number, instructions complexity, control structure imbrication level…).  Those characteristics can be associated with criteria such as readability or testability. For this purpose, we specify thresholds that must be complied with for those measures. Association between criteria and its associated measures with its thresholds is called “quality model”.
By comparing satisfactory code quality model and problematic code quality model, we can set up some quality models that allow improving software very early.


This service is available for C, C++, ADA, Java, C#, Visual Basic and php languages.

Service description

Phase 1: Calculation of metrics on several applications 

Phase 2: Grouping of those metric according to ISO: readability, changeability, stability and testability.

Phase 3: Drawing up the relations between the results and the problems we noticed in the source code

Phase 4: Setting up a quality model based on those relations

Phase 5: Monitoring of the set up of the quality model on a new development.


Logiscope QualityChecker


A quality model for Logiscope is built
A report that describes the quality model and explain the choices done.