Introduction to Pearl language


Acquisition of Perl language mastery.


This two-days training is hosted by one of our senior consultants, who is an expert in Perl language. During the course, you will be proposed a didactic alternance of theorical and practical experiences.



Day 1 : Introduction to Perl language

    •    General introduction to Perl language, its main application domains and contraindications
    •    Documentation organization
Basic concepts :
    •    Data types
    •    Values writing
    •    Different declarations approaches : lexical, dynamic
    •    Elementary control structures : if, while, foreach,for, next, last
    •    Elementary expressions
    •    Functions writing
    •    Files reading and writing
    •    Rational expressions
    •    Non local control structures : eval/die
    •    Elaborate control structures : continue, redo, labels
    •    Few turns to produce a reliable and maintenable code

Day 2 : Structuration
    •    Packages
    •    References.
    •    Classes.
    •    Other turns to produce a reliable anbd maintenable code.
Advanced processings :
    •    Programs arguments processing
    •    Most useful standard packages
    •    xml file processing
    •    Interoperability : OLE communication (Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, ...)
    •    Portability : file names processing