Developing new rules for Logiscope Rulechecker C++, Java and Ada


You may want to add your own rules to the standard set of ADA, C, C++ or Java coding rules checked by  IBM®Rational®Logiscope in order to be fully compliant with your programming standard.


This training course aims at helping you to start to develop additional rule scripts to automate the verification of your specific coding standards.


This course is organized in modules. The following modules are available:

M1 - Tcl language.

  • This module is common to all languages (C/C++/Ada/Java) to develop rules using the Tcl language.
  • Content: Tcl basics.
  • Length: 1 day, with 0.5 for practical exercises.

M2 - Perl language.

  • This module is needed only for Logiscope RuleChecker C.
  • Content: Perl basics.
  • Length: 1 day, with 0.5 for practical exercises.

 M3 - Rule development Methodology - how to start with rule verification.

  • Content: how to go from the requirement (the text of the rule) to a specification which will be automatically verifiable with the tool. How to choose between the Tcl and the Perl verifier. How to deal between results precision and efficiency of the verification (memory usage, execution time) of the rule. Apply this to some customer rules.
  • Length: 0.5 day.

M4 - Support for rule writing.

  • Content: this module aims at providing support (by e-mail) to help the user to start writing rules.
  • Note: This kind of support is not provided by IBM Rational hot-line.
  • Length: The length of this module cannot be known in advance. It depends on the customer needs