Training for software verification using Logiscope


This standard training course introduces the key concepts of software quality evaluation techniques supported by the Logiscope Toolset and their implementation through a series of practical exercises mainly based on source code developed by trainees.

More than a simple introduction to a new tool, this training session provides the trainees with a normative and methodological framework for software product evaluation. It clearly locates the scope and benefits of Logiscope, regarding source code verification in the various software life-cycle processes.


  • Software Characteristics: introducing the "ISO/IEC 9126-1: Quality Model" international standard
  • Software Evaluation Process: introducing the ISO/CEI 14598 international standard
  • Evaluation Techniques supported by Logiscope:
          o Component Coupling Analysis: concepts of call graph, inheritance graph, dependency graph;
          o Control Flow Analysis: concept of control graph
          o Software Metrics: concept of Quality Model,
          o Coding Standard Checking
          o Structure-Based Testing / Test Coverage Measurement (optional)

  • The Logiscope Toolset:
          o Logiscope Studio
          o Logiscope Viewer
          o Logiscope TestChecker (optional)

  • Application Exercices