Automatic Code Analysis with Logiscope Products

Static Analysis enables to automate code reviews and identification of error prone component for software or system testing. It can detect coding defects early in the development life cycle thus reducing correction costs. Structure Based Testing is a Dynamic Analysis technique that enables you to test code coverage of your test campaigns at runtime.

The Logiscope Workbench can be applied to verify C, C++, Ada, Java, code and is composed of the following products :

Logiscope Quality Checker helps you:

  • Anticipate and diagnose problems by providing information based on software metrics and graphs
  • Define software metrics to track program quality characteristics and ensure quality objectives
  • Improve maintainability and reliability by locating error-prone modules and providing valuable information based on software metrics to help you anticipate and diagnose problems

Logiscope Rule Checker helps you:

  • Define and verify coding rules using Tcl or Perl languages
  • Improve software engineering practices and helps developers achieve the best coding and testing practices
  • Obtain regulation acceptance (MISRA)

Logiscope Test Checker helps you:

  • Improve code reliability by indicating untested software code
  • Evaluate the completeness of a test plan
  • Achieve customer and regulation acceptance (IEC 61508-3, DO178B, ...)

Logiscope Code Reducer helps you:

  • Reduce maintenance costs through appropriate code re-factoring, which identifies duplicate code across source code trees